Attention Working Moms:

How Would You Like to Lose that Last 5 or 10 lbs Fast and do it Without Spending Hours at the Gym?


Many of my personal training clients who have children find it challenging and often unmanageable to find time to work out and get to the gym. As mothers, their priorities become focused on their children (as it should be) and many mothers simply put their own needs and weight loss goals on the back burner.

It's understandable. Having one or more children is a full-time job and some of these mothers already have a part-time or full-time career in addition to raising their kids.

I thought about this challenge with as much empathy as possible, since I have always taken pride in providing a valuable service to my clients. The women who come to me do so because they care about their appearance, which I am sure you can relate to. Before the first, second or third child came along, perhaps you had a goal of getting back to your pre-baby weight within just a few short months of delivering, but now that your little one(s) have arrived perhaps the challenges of finding time to work out - or having the energy and motivation- are just more of a struggle than you realized?


This is the dilemma faced by many Moms, whether you just had a baby or even if it's been a few years since the last time you set foot in a gym.

In fact, maybe your goals of weight loss seem too out of reach to come true.

  • If all of that 'eating for two' has caught up to you...
  • If your post baby weight has ballooned out of control...
  • If finding the time to work out seems more like a pipedream...
  • If none of the clothes your wore before you got pregnant now fit...
  • If you look at recent pictures of yourself in disgust...
Don't throw in the towel on yourself. Improve your self esteem and get your sexy body back with Working Mom Workouts!
My name is David McGarry CSCS . I am a personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist for athletes of all sports, Baby Boomers, Bodybuilders, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Pediatricians and "Working Moms" for over 13 years. Even though I'm a guy, I do know first hand how hard it is for my wife and other Working Moms to find the time to work out, stay fit and lose weight.

In fact, one of the main reasons why I developed the Working Moms program was to help my own wife meet her goals of getting her her sexy body back in as short amount of time as possible. And even though other women (like you) may not have the added bonus of having your own "in-house" trainer, well this program is definitely the next best thing because it worked for my wife and many other clients, and I am confident that it will work for you, too.
Many women don't realize that a pregnant woman only needs about 300 additional calories a day while expecting.
So, they go overboard and eat, and eat and eat... taking advantage of the opportunity to overindulge.
even if the damage has been accumulating for years.
  • Go from SAGGY to SEXY in just a few months using proven techniques that slash belly fat, trim and tone your jiggly butt and legs and give your whole body a slimmer appearance.
  • YOU HAVE LESS TIME, so our Working Mom Workouts are designed to be done in 15 minutes or less! When the baby is napping or while the kids are playing and at school, you can be trimming and toning to look good!
  • You can do these short, fun workouts daily or as often as you like, right from the comfort of your own home – through winter, spring, summer or fall – made for all seasons so you have no reasons to fail!
  • As a member of the Working Moms Workouts community, you’ll receive the benefits of having your very own virtual personal trainer, yet without the time obligations and costs of going to the gym!
  • Not only will you learn valuable and really quick workout strategies, our site includes awesome nutrition tips, healthy and tasty recipes for you and your family, and supplement ideas to maximize your weight loss goals.
  • You can track your progress with the Working Moms Workouts weight loss tracker to see how close you are to reaching your fitness goals.
  • PLUS… You’ll have weekly motivational lessons that make you want to keep going.
Remember Your Body Before the Baby? YOU CAN HAVE IT BACK
For Less Than $5 Bucks A WEEK (it costs more than that just for a box of diapers) you can begin your workout regimen. MADE FOR WORKING, BUSY MOMS, JUST LIKE YOU!!!
If you're still not sure, let me ease your mind and extend my personal guarantee of your satisfaction with this program.
  • How many months is the Working Moms Workout membership?

    Your membership is for six months from the day you sign up. You can extend your membership after the 6 months expires by joining my advanced training group.

  • What is included?

    You get a series of workout lessons just like you would get from a live personal trainer hired on a one-on-one consultancy basis. Except this trainer is virtual, and a lot less expensive!

  • How long are the workouts?

    Workouts are designed in short 10 – 15 minute bursts. You can do one while the baby is napping or first thing in the morning. Just dedicate 90 minutes each week and you’ll see the difference.

  • How much is it?

    For less than $5 per week you will receive all of the benefits of having your own virtual trainer (from me, Dave. Not some guy in a foreign country!). Join for only $4.95 and then continue your membership for only $19.95 / month for the next 5 months. It’s a 75% savings just to try it out.

  • What if I no longer wish to continue?

    If you decide that Working Mom Workouts is not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to!

  • What is your guarantee?

    No matter how long you’re on the program, we have a 100% money back guarantee. I am so confident to deliver everything as promised and to genuinely help you lose that fat you’ve been carrying around for 9 months – or even longer! If you feel that you did not get everything you paid for then you can request a refund.

  • Will I get bulky?

    Let me push that myth aside… NO! My workouts are designed to help you tone, trim and firm problem areas. You will definitely not look like a bodybuilder on this program. You will look sexy, fit and like one hot Momma!

  • Do I need a gym membership?

    No. Everything I will teach you can be done right in the comfort of your own living room. Rain or shine, sleet or snow… day or night! If you do have a gym membership you can take the workouts with you and complete them, as well!

  • Do I need equipment?

    Working Mom Workouts are designed to be done with little to no equipment. However, as the lessons progress and so do you, I recommend that you invest in several pieces of equipment. A fit ball, interchangeable dumbbells and resistance bands will be affordable, yet worthwhile investments to your workout regimen.


Becoming a Mom is a Workout in Itself

... So here's a Way to Make it Easier!

Lesson #1
  • You'll learn... how to set SMART Goals.
  • You'll learn... how to make small differences in your daily routine that can lead to more calories burned.
  • You'll learn... how to start a simple exercise program.
  • You'll to find your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) or better know as the amount of calories you need to burn at rest to maintain your weight.
  • You'll to use the RPE scale to determine your rate of perceived exertion during your workout.
Lesson #2 "5 Tips to Start Losing Weight Faster"
Lesson #3 "Core Exercises to Flatten that Tummy"
Lesson #5 "Arm and Shoulder Sculpting"
Lesson #9 "Metabolism Booster"
Lesson #10 "Intro to Pilate's"
Lesson #16 'Butt Buster"
Lesson #19 "Interval Training"
And Much More!!!!
Ask any mother who has one or more children if it requires stamina to be a mother. After running around all day chasing after the little ones when they begin walking, most Mothers will undoubtedly say; "ABSOLUTELY!"

Working Mom Workouts will make you fit enough to keep up with your child and strong enough to hold him.
....Plus you'll have MORE ENERGY and be LESS EXHAUSTED at

the end of the day!

Stop Procrastinating Your Pre-Baby Body
Yes, ... Please sign me up for Working Mom Workouts and get me started today losing weight and reaching my fitness goals for less than $5 a week.
Your first month is only $19.95. After your first month you will then be charged $19.95/Month for the next 5 months
(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)
You will receive instructions and sent to the download page where you will be able to download and start taking back control of your life and your weight loss. The files will be in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it here.
Results are not typical for each person and it is important that you make sure you are able to work out. If you pose any risk factors you should consult a physician before starting a vigorous work out program.

I have known Dave for about 10 years when he first became my trainer.

Although my life changed with a baby and a different working environment since then, Dave's encouragement and helpful advice has been a beneficial and consistent factor for me.

Regardless of my working environment, Dave's blogs and e-mail advice help motivate me. The motivation stems not only from the physical activity of a good work-out, but a way of life. As an active woman in a hectic world, Dave's input helps me, not only becoming physically fit, but leading a healthy and happy lifestyle - from the inside and