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Okay, so here is a little more about me. I am a husband, father of 2 (I have a 4 year old and a 23 month old). I have been in the fitness industry since graduating from the University of Florida. My initial start was as a personal trainer at a small private personal training studio in Orlando. After eight months, I moved to Dallas and worked as a personal trainer and manager for the Premier Athletic Club in Dallas. It was around this time that I began to grow a passion for managing and business. I acted on that passion and went back to school and graduated with an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. During this same time period I was asked to join the Cooper Fitness Center as their Fitness Director for the newest facility in McKinney, TX.

During my five years as the Fitness Director I helped develop several programs that I am now looking to expand upon. Two of my most successful programs were The Weight Loss and Cooper Woman. Both programs engaged members in small groups that focused in on health and wellness. From these programs I have now created What makes me excited about this venture is that I am so passionate about helping people reach their goals and get fit.

More about Dave

Enough bio. Let's get to the fun stuff. I love college football, or let's say Gator Football! Living in Texas has made me acquire a love for Tex-mex. Don't worry, mom, my favorite is still your Italian meatballs! I started to read more once I graduated from school. My goal is to get to the point that I can read one book a week for a whole year.

I can't get enough of reading, listening, and learning from self-help gurus. I love to travel. Have been to Germany and Ireland but have Italy on my bucket list. Favorite movies are Gladiator and Remember the Titans. I have an interest in politics or at least I used to! Not so sure anymore with all the bickering back and forth.

I love my family and friends!

Finally, I am really excited about this blog and helping people.

Say tuned for more!

Coach Dave

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